Youth Just Peace

This program works for the information, education and mobilization of Palestinian youth and works with them for launching different campaigns and initiatives, using different tools, and executing different activities to raise awareness and become advocates for Just Peace.

The JAI organized training in IL & IHL for Palestinian university students

Category: Youth Just Peace
Created: 19 October 2014

Youth Training Oct2014 1

From the 16th to the 18th of October 2014, the JAI has organized a training program for Palestinian youth, university students from the northern areas of the West Bank, those who are mostly specialized in international law, as part of the JAI ongoing just peace project.

The training included the topics of International Law (IL), International Humanitarian Law (IHL), Rome convention, UN resolutions, advocacy and lobbying mechanisms and strategies on the local and international levels.

It aimed at raising the Palestinian youth voice locally and internationally towards making a change, and it resulted in various ideas and initiatives, a main one is to develop an initiative to put pressure on the Palestinian leadership and decision makers to approach the International Court of Justice and put Israeli on trial for its war crimes since 2002.

Youth Training Oct2014 2