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Why do we work with youth ? 09 November 2009


  • Youth Engagement

    According to our vision of being open to society and responding to the social needs of different groups, we work hand in hand with young people in organizing various activities. Our work with youth is open to both genders and all religions and in various areas, to encourage the Palestinian youth to participate in social development, and promote the concepts of justice, peace, democracy and human rights.

    This aims at enabling youth to share and exchange experiences on both local and international levels, increase the role of youth in activities locally and internationally, create young leaders, enhance the role of youth in society, spread the concepts of democracy, peace and justice among youth.

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    • Youth Democratic Citizenship

      This program targets the feeling of helplessness among Palestinain youth in order to give a platform for them to be empowered and regain their confidence in themselves as they do in their own generation.

      Youth can be the power of lobbying to address issues that range from local social services to national issues on poverty, unemployment, democracy, national concerns and even politics.

      Training in the fields of civics, leadership Lobbying and advocacy, is a must and it definitely gives the tools needed for better influence and greater impact. It is educating the Palestinian youth in order to serve their national aspiration of independence and freedom.

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    • Youth Just Peace

      This program works for the information, education and mobilization of Palestinian youth and works with them for launching different campaigns and initiatives, using different tools, and executing different activities to raise awareness and become advocates for Just Peace.

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    • Youth Groups
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      • Palestinian Youth Ecumenical Movement (PYEM)

        PYEM LogoAbout

        PYEM is a voluntary gathering of Palestinian Christian youth, working under the umbrella of the YMCA-YWCA Joint Advocacy Initiative, and does not substitute or compete with any of the Christian youth organizations/groups working in Palestine.
        The gathering works, primarily, on fulfilling the Christian vision and activating the Palestinian Christian community' national role in the Palestinian society and cause, towards achieving peace with justice and building a democratic pluralistic society, dominated by the principles of social justice and the respect human rights and dignity.


        Working with the Christian youths, and the various Christian youth groups, to unite visions, enhance ecumenism, and support the religious, social, and cultural local programs, based on the general Christian, humanitarian, and national principles, to develop the Palestinian Christian' national role in serving the Church, the homeland and human being.


        Activating and strengthening the role of Palestinian Christian youth in the service of man kind, the Church, the society, and the Palestinian cause.


        • Strengthen the ecumenical spirit among young people.
        • Active participation in the dissemination of the Kairos document locally and internationally.
        • Strengthen the relationship with the regional and global Christian youth groups.
        • Strengthen the Palestinian Christian' national role, through commitment to the Christian teachings, Palestinian cause and identity.
        • Promote the principles of equality, democracy, citizenship, and the rule of law.
        • Support the Palestinian Christians steadfastness, and fight migration.
        • Cooperation and coordination with the spiritual and secular Palestinian Christian leadership with regard to strengthening the Christian role.
        • Activation of the Palestinian Christian youth participation in regional and international gatherings and advocacy programs that aims at the realization of peace with justice in the region.
        • Strengthen the youth leadership skills.

        Main Activities

        • Sessions and meetings introducing and promoting ecumenism within the Palestinian Christian youth organizations/groups.
        • Awareness-raising activities for the dissemination of the Kairos document.
        • Participate in regional and global seminars and conferences on human rights principles, ecumenical work and advocacy.
        • Organization of training courses in the principles of democracy and citizenship.
        • Youth leadership' skills courses and sessions.
        • Exchange visits with various Palestinian youth groups.
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  • Youth exchange
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    • Young Peace Performers

      ypp logo

      Young Peace Performers (YPP) is a FK funded exchange program initiated by YGlobal (YMCA/YWCA Norway) partnering with various YMCAs and YWCAs, including the Joint Advocacy Initiative. Each year 20 youth between 18 and 25 from 7 countries come together for 8 month, travel to various countries, to fight and advocate for justice and peace through shows and workshops.

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    • Students Exchange Programs

      Students exchange programs were established with a number of schools and students' groups. Through such exchange the JAI works with Palestinian schools and students, train and empower them to communicate Palestine from a teenagers' perspective, who then travel to respective international schools and receive internatiobal schools' global classes in Palestine and at their schools, with the facilitation and organization of the JAI.

      Fours students' exchange programs already running with the YMCA-YWCA Rønningen Folkehøgskole in Norway; Nørre Nissum Efterskole, Dronninglund Efterskole and Midtsjællands Efterskole through DanChurch Aid in Denmark.

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    • Participation in International Youth Gatherings

      The JAI coordinates and facilitates the participation of JAI, YMCA, YWCA youth in international youth events and gatherings worldwide, to communicate Palestine and life under occupation from youth perspective, promote and encourage people to take actions and join the JAI advocacy work and campaigns. 

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