Palestinian Teens at 2 partner Efterskoles in Denmark, 25 Oct -2 Nov

Category: Students Exchange Programs Created: 02 November 2017

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MSE DE Oct2017 t1

MSE DE Oct2017 t2From the 25th of October to the 2nd of November 2017, four JAI-trained Palestinian students, together with the JAI' exchange program coordinator, have visited two JAI partner Danish schools, namely Dronninglund Efterskole (DE) and Midtsjællands Efterskole (MSE).

Two Palestinian students, a boy and a girl, stayed at each school, where they met, chatted, interacted and created friendships with the Danish students. Palestinian students have joined the Danish students in many of their classes and creative activities, sports and arts at the schools. On the weekends, the Palestinian students went for overnight with some Danish students at their families, as a mean to interact more and experience the Danish family life. They have also given some Dabka folklore dance show and taught the Danish students some steps.

MSE DE Oct2017 t3The Palestinians students communicated with them their life under occupation as teenagers, violation of human rights in Palestine by the Israelis. They also made presentations and speeches, various other classes in nearby public schools, high schools and gymnasium schools. Several questions, both on their personal level and political levels, were raised by the students in the various classes, was answered by the Palestinian students and the accompanying exchange programs coordinator.

They participated and performed at fundraising events, each school organized during that week, for the JAI' Olive Tree Campaign. The JAI' exchange programs officer, in turn, gave various talks at each school on the Olive Tree Campaign, with its geopolitical background and impact on both the farmers and internationals. This is beside meetings with the schools teachers and headmasters on the partnership' development.

MSE DE Oct2017 t5The visits come as part of an ongoing students' exchange program with these Danish schools, where in March 2018 the JAI will organize and host a program for the Global Teenagers / World Citizenship Classes of their schools, together with some JAI-trained 25-30 Palestinian students.

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