Farmer story: Basim Tamimi - Nabi Saleh - Ramallah area

Category: Campaign Farmers' Stories Created: 20 August 2015

basim august2015Basim (47 years) one of the community leaders, land owner and coordinator of the Nabi Saleh Popular Resistance Committee. Nabi Saleh is a village in the Ramallah area, whose villagers suffer from settlements expansion, land confiscation, and settlers violence and vandalism. He is married to Nariman and has three children. Nariman was shot in her leg by the Israeli soldiers, while resisting in their land, and she is still recovering.

In the past couple of years, hundreds of olive trees were destroyed and uprooted by the Israeli soldiers and settlers from Basim's land. In 2015, the Olive Tree Campaign supported Basim and his family with 500 olive saplings, planted in his threatened land.

Basim and his family dedicate their lives to resisting the occupation. Basim says: "We have the right to resist and we choose the means. Resistance means to demonstrate, to boycott Israel, to document our reality and share this with the world, and to cultivate our land."