A training session for the EJ YMCA Rehab. Program social workers

Category: Youth Just Peace Created: 26 July 2018

A 3-day training program, 23rd – 25th of July 2018, was organized by the JAI for 21 social worker of the East Jerusalem YMCA' Rehabilitation Program, members of the program' teams across the West Bank.

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The training included, on the first day, a review of the Palestinian political history, including the mandates, divisions, agreements, and current so-called 'Arab Spring' and their influence on the Palestinian cause. It also included citizenship, identity, democracy and secular regimes.

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On the following day there was introduction to the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) Campaign, with its local and international activities, impact, and the role Palestinian youth and social workers can do and participate in. This is beside the Palestinian cause and international law.

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The third day focused on advocacy campaigns and mechanisms, how to initiate and run campaigns locally and internationally, and how to influence the community and public using social media and campaigns.

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