Farmer Story - Ali Baa'reh - Al-Khader village - Bethlehem

Category: Campaign Farmers' Stories Created: 25 September 2017

ref baareh2017Ali Ahmad Baarah is a 50 years old farmer living with 12 family members. He has 200 dunums (1 dunum = 1,000 m2) of land in Al-Khader village, south-west of the Bethlehem area. 

The Israeli settlement of Hannan was constructed 1 km away from his land, and an Israeli settlers bypass road is located 20 meters away from another side of the land, causing it to be under high threat of confiscation for settlements expansion.

Ali and his family gets frequently harassed by Israeli settlers, and prevented from accessing their land.

In March 2016, the Olive Tree Campaign supported Ali and his family with 923 sponsored olive trees, and helped him with international volunteers and activists to plant them in his land to help protect it and support him and his family’ steadfastness and resilience.