Kairos Palestine Press Release regarding the Attack on Gaza

Category: Kairos Palestine Created: 19 November 2012

19th, November 2012

Bethlehem, Kairos Palestine - A Moment of Truth condemns the Israeli belligerent attacks on Gaza that have already resulted in the death of over ninety human beings and more than 730 injured, largely innocent children and women. Kairos considers these attacks as a violation of human rights, and is confident that the people in the Gaza Strip will stand steadfast and resilient in the face of the enemy and its destructive goals.

Kairos Palestine holds to account the International Community (UN General Assembly and Security Council as well as all international organizations) for the lack of protection of the Palestinians enduring the bombing of civilians and the burning of Gaza, when these same organizations champion loudly the protection of civilians elsewhere in the world.

Greek Orthodox Archbishop Atallah Hanna, Archbishop of Sebastia and a co-author member of Kairos Palestine earlier condemned strongly the ongoing attacks expressing sincere condolences to the bereaved families of fallen martyrs, and offering wishes for a speedy recovery to the afflicted and injured.Archbishop Hanna described the invasion as a tool of pressure and blackmail to force the Palestinian people to submission on their knees in order to give up their inalienable national rights. "This will not materialize", he said as he asserted that we should all together reaffirm our solidarity with and support for the human beings in the Gaza Strip who have long endured siege and oppression, and are now confronted with destructive bombs in a war that kills innocent children.

Kairos Palestine calls upon Church leaders and all religious and political powers around the world to shoulder this human responsibility of stopping the bloodshed in Gaza . We also call upon the Arab World, Muslims and Christians to move and act: Stand by the wounded Gaza Strip.

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