The Olive Tree Campaign coordinator advocacy trip to Sweden

Category: Advocacy Trips Created: 24 May 2015

During his trip, from the 15th to the 24th of May 2015, the JAI' Olive Tree Campaign' officer' Mohannad Al-Qaisy visited KFUM (YMCA) Ängsholmens annual educational weekend at their campsite Ängsholmen and held a workshop about the work of the JAI and the situation in Palestine. 50 people, mostly young leaders from the Ängsholmen campsite, participated in the workshop and also got invited to participate in the Journey for Justice and the Olive Tree Campaign. Many of the young leaders showed a big interest in participating in the programs and also had a lot of questions about Palestine in general and the work of the JAI. The presentation was a great success. A group that will go to the Olive Picking in October was also formed.

Muhanad Sweden May2015

Mohannad also attended the other workshop that was held during the weekend and got to know a lot about how KFUM Ängsholmens educates their young leaders for their work the coming summer. During his stay also he held a presentation for KFUM-Central (Ängsholmens mother organization) and its international group which is a group of people involved in the Y's international work. He also had meetings with representatives from YMCA Sweden to talk about how to improve already existing activities within our partnership, and also to discuss new ideas.