Youth Democratic Citizenship

This program targets the feeling of helplessness among Palestinain youth in order to give a platform for them to be empowered and regain their confidence in themselves as they do in their own generation.

Youth can be the power of lobbying to address issues that range from local social services to national issues on poverty, unemployment, democracy, national concerns and even politics.

Training in the fields of civics, leadership Lobbying and advocacy, is a must and it definitely gives the tools needed for better influence and greater impact. It is educating the Palestinian youth in order to serve their national aspiration of independence and freedom.

JAI trains 18 youth in HR and Democratic Citizenship

Category: Youth Democratic Citizenship
Created: 23 May 2016

YouthTraining 20 22May2016 1tSee more photos of the training

From the 20th to the 23rd of May 2016, the JAI has organized a training program in the Bethlehem area, for 18 youth, mostly from Dhaisha refugee camp.

YouthTraining 20 22May2016 2tThe training, part of the JAI' ongoing Democratic Citizenship program, was in: human rights, citizenship, the function and work, from legal perspective, of the Palestinian refugee camps' popular committees.