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Beneficiary farmer story - Mahmoud Hmidat - Surif village - Hebron area

Category: Campaign Farmers' Stories
Created: 06 October 2021

mahmoud hmidatMahmoud Hmidat is a 69 years old farmer with 30 family members, included sons, daughters and grandchildren. Mahmoud was a former political prisoner at the Israeli jails, where he became visually impaired.

Mahmoud owns 12 dunums (1 dunum = 1000 m2) of land at Al-Salaqa area in Surif village, north of the Hebron area. The Israeli Apartheid Wall was constructed on part of his land, and the Israeli authorities prevent him and his family from setting any construction or agricultural project in it.

In March 2020, the Olive Tree Campaign supported Mahmoud with 50 internationally-sponsored olive trees to help him and his family maintain their land and Keep Hope Alive.


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