Youth Democratic Citizenship

This program targets the feeling of helplessness among Palestinain youth in order to give a platform for them to be empowered and regain their confidence in themselves as they do in their own generation.

Youth can be the power of lobbying to address issues that range from local social services to national issues on poverty, unemployment, democracy, national concerns and even politics.

Training in the fields of civics, leadership Lobbying and advocacy, is a must and it definitely gives the tools needed for better influence and greater impact. It is educating the Palestinian youth in order to serve their national aspiration of independence and freedom.

The JAI organized training sessions for schools students and their parents

Category: Youth Democratic Citizenship
Created: 23 June 2017

In June 2017, the JAI organized training sessions for students at two schools in the Bethlehem area, on the importance of boycotting Israeli products, the JAI' work, Olive Tree Campaign, and Students' Exchange Programs.

schools june2017 1

schools june2017 2In mid June, 60 females students from the Bethlehem Girls Governmental Secondary School were training on BDS, the importance of boycotting Israeli products, and not getting engaged into normalization activities.

On the following week, a training session was organized for 90 children, in the age between 5 and 10 years old, during their summer camp at the Shepherds Secondary School in Beit Sahour, which the JAI provided the camp T-shirts for, with the BDS and JAI logos printed on. The children were educated on the concept and importance of boycotting Israeli products, in the form of storytelling about the history of the Israeli occupation and the need to put pressure on Israel to end it.

On the same school, a session was also organized for the children' parents, to educate them on the importance of boycotting Israeli products,encourage their children to do so, and warn them from getting into normalization projects and activities.


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