JAI trained students group at the YWCA Bethlehem in BDS and advocacy

Category: Youth Just Peace Created: 26 January 2021

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training26jan2021 2In cooperation with the YWCA of Palestine, under the 'Young Citizen' Project, a full day training was conducted by the JAI on Tuesday the 26th of January 2021 at the YWCA center in Beit Jala, where 8 students joined from the Bethlehem area, in the ages between 15 and 17, through the "Community Development and Continuing Education Institute".

training26jan2021 5The session was in the forms of exercises, sub-groups work and discussions, role-playing, students' presentations, and introductions and management by the trainers in the topics of Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) Campaign, with its local and international aspects, and advocacy mechanisms and campaigns' management.

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