JAI trained Palestinian political ex-prisoners youth in BDS and Palestinian cause

Category: Youth Just Peace Created: 03 December 2017

training dec2017 1

training dec2017 2The JAI carried out a 2-day training, in cooperation with the YMCA Rehabilitation Program, on the 30th of November and 2nd of December 2017, for 19 Palestinian political ex-prisoners youth, from the Bethlehem and Hebron areas, in the ages between 16 and 19. The youth were detainees and prisoners at the Israeli jails for resisting the occupation and injustice.

training dec2017 3The first day was on the history of the Palestinian cause, started from the Zionist movement and colonization project to take over Palestine, division plan, Balfour declaration and the Nakba. It also included the main UN resolutions regarding Palestine, the updates on the so-called 'peace process' and some proposed expectations for the future, with discussions.

training dec2017 4The second day tackled the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) Campaign, its history, forms locally and internationally, anti-normalization movement, and the role of Palestinian youth in BDS.

Participants showed great interest, raised up good discussions / points, and willingness to start up initiatives at their communities, villages and refugee camps.