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The Olive Picking Program is organized each fall for 10 days, in coordination with the Alternative Tourism Group (ATG).

This Olive Picking Program aims to provide assistance and a protective civil international presence for Palestinian families to help them overcome the restrictions imposed by the Israeli military occupation and settlers during the olive harvest season.

In addition to their picking activities the participants developed a social, cultural, political, historic and religious understanding of the region, witnessed life under occupation, and shared advocacy ideas and tools.

Invitation - JAI-ATG Olive Picking Program 2019 - Two

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Created: 31 March 2019

picking2019 inv10th (arrival) - 17th (departure) October 2019 
West Bank, Palestine 

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A program for Civil International Solidarity with Palestinians

The JAI together with the Alternative Tourism Group (ATG) are organizing the 16th annual Olive Picking Program of 2019. This agricultural event is of special significance to the Palestinian economy when all energies and efforts are mobilized.

Besides olive picking, the program features introductory presentations about the current situation in Palestine and the effects of the Apartheid Wall, tours in the old city of Jerusalem, Hebron, and Bethlehem, in addition to evening sessions, cultural event and social gatherings.

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More Information:

  • An optional evening program will also be organized during the Picking Program, which includes film screenings or professional presentations on certain topics related to Palestinian life under occupation related international campaigns.
  • The cost of the program including accommodation in a double room, meals, guides, local transportation and other relevant expenses is $650. Requesting a single room at the hotel would cost the participant $150 Extra. Any extra night(s) accommodation (before the night of the 10th/11th of October, or after the night of the 16th/17th of October 2019) is beyond the scope of the program and the participant has to pay extra for.

  • Accommodation will be arranged at a hotel or with a local family (participants select in the registration form).

  • A tour guide will be present with the group at all times for facilitation purposes.

  • Travel from and to the airport is NOT included in the cost but can be arranged for (100 USD per person for each drive, unless sharing with a group of other participants).

  • It is strongly preferred that you fill and submit the registration form after booking your ticket, in order to fill your arrival and departure information in the same record.

  • Upon registration, you are automatically admitted to participate in the program (without having to wait for confirmation from our side), and you will receive further information / replies accordingly.

Proposed daily schedule (subjected to minor changes)

  • Thursday, Oct 10, Day 1: Arrival to the airport and transfer to Beit Sahour to meet representatives from the organizing institutions for an overview and discussion of the program. Dinner and overnight in Beit Sahour.

  • Friday, Oct 11, Day 2: Half day picking olives in a selected field in Bethlehem area. After lunch, political tour and sightseeing in Bethlehem, including a visit to a refugee camp. Dinner and overnight in Beit Sahour.

  • Saturday, Oct 12, Day 3: Visit the Palestine Museum of Natural History and meeting Dr. Mazin Qumsieh. A tour in the city of Hebron. Visiting the Ibrahimi Mosque (Tombs of the Patriarchs), the old city, Shuhada  Street. Lunch. Visiting a glass factory and a Koufiyeh factory. Dinner and overnight in Beit Sahour.

  • Sunday, Oct 13, Day 4: Half day picking olives in a selected field followed by a lunch break. Presentation on the Geo-Political situation by UN OCHA (Office for the Coordination of Humaniterian Affairs in the oPt.). Dinner and overnight in Beit Sahour. 

  • Monday, Oct 14, Day 5: A tour in the old city of Jerusalem. Welcoming and lunch at the YMCA/YWCA headquarters in Jerusalem followed by a settlement tour around Jerusalem. Dinner and overnight in Beit Sahour.

  • Tuesday, Oct 15, Day 6: Half day picking olives at a selected field, followed by lunch in the field. A presentation on the refugee question with Badil Center. Dinner and overnight in Beit Sahour.

  • Wednesday, Oct 16, Day 7: Half day picking olives in the fields, followed by lunch. Meeting for evaluation of the program, and advocacy session. Farewell dinner at a local restaurant with members from the organizing institutions.

  • Thursday, Oct 17, Day 8: Departure.

It is our pleasure that people are taking part in our mission in Keeping Hope Alive together and to learn more about daily Palestinian life under the Israeli military occupation.

For any other information or question, please contact:

  • Alternative Tourism Group, program coordinator, via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Mobile (WhatsApp) +970598944141, or by phone (office) at (+970) 2 2772151.

  • Joint Advocacy Initiative of the East Jerusalem YMCA and the YWCA of Palestine, campaigns officer, via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone (office) at (+970) 2 2774540.


We hope to have you with us!


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