"Know Thy Heritage" delegation day with the JAI

Category: Advocacy Visits with JAI Created: 19 July 2017

ktps july2017 1

ktps july2017 2On Wednesday the 19th of July 2017, the JAI received the "Know Thy Heritage" delegation of Palestinian youth living in Diaspora, on their trip to Palestine through the Holy Land Christians Ecumenical Foundation, entitled "Explore and Live Palestine".

The visit of 23 people included a briefing at the JAI office, by the manager, on the JAI' work, programs and the Olive Tree Campaign. Followed by a visit, with the Olive Tree Campaign officer, to 'Al-Badawi' olive tree, believed ot be the oldest olive tree n the world, ages back to 5,500 years. Afterwhich they visited one of Campaign farmer' field in Al-Walaja village, west of the Bethlehem area.

At the field, they met the farmer and his family, got to know the harassment and attacks they face by the Israeli soldiers and settlers, and how their field is under high threat of confiscation, hence, the work of the Olive Tree Campaign with the family, including planting and picking of olive trees. The delegation then planted 3 symbolic olive trees at the field, and had lunch with the farmer' family.