3-day training for 22 Palestinian political ex-prisoners from the Tulkarem & Qalqilya areas

Category: Youth Just Peace Created: 23 August 2019

A 3-day training program, on the 18th-22nd of August 2019, was organized by the JAI for 22 Palestinian youth political ex-prisoners in the Israeli jails, from the Nablus and Qalqilya areas.

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It tackled, on the first day, the history of the regional colorizations and Zionist occupation of Palestine, including the UN resolutions 1325 and 2250.

On the second day, the youth were trained on communication and advocacy skills, how o organize and lead campaigns. The third day tackled the role of youth in the community, how they could come up with positive change initiatives, and get their voice heard by decision makers.

The trainees came up with two initiatives they are planning to work for soon, one is educating school students in their areas on the importance of non-violence resistance, and the other on supporting those with special needs and how they should be integrated in their communities, with equal rights and facilities.


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