Youth training in international law, advocacy and BDS

Category: Youth Democratic Citizenship Created: 02 August 2021

31 7 2021 t1

Two training programs were organized by the JAI for two Palestinian youth groups of the YMCA Rehabilitation Program beneficiaries. The first one on the 7th and 8th of July 2021, for 20 ex-prisoners at the Israeli jails, from the areas of Ramallah, Bethlehem and Hebron. The training tackled the topics of civic education and engagement with the role of youth and women, international law, the UN and its resolutions related to the Palestinian cause (181, 194, and 242), the UN SC resolutions 2250 and 1325, BDS campaign with is goals and accomplishments locally and internationally, and how the trainees could be part of it.

31 7 2021 t2

The second training program was on the 31st of July and 2nd of August 2021, for 17 physically handicapped girls and boys from the areas of Jenin and Tulkrem. They were trained in civil society, writing reports and positions papers, advocacy, UN resolutions 2250 and 1325 related to youth and women and how they could be used by Palestinian youth to advocate for their rights.

31 7 2021 t3