Attitude of Palestinian Youth Towards Non-Violent Struggle

Category: Pamphlets & Researches Created: 31 December 2006

Youth Violence Cover EnThe Joint Advocacy Initiative carried out research with a sample of young people from the Bethlehem area, examining the Palestinian youth attitude towards non-violent struggle against occupation and oppressive practices.

The research results formed the basis for understanding the political and cultural needs of participants in non-violent struggle projects. It will also inform the guidelines for evaluating the existing projects' strengths and weaknesses, and highlight necessary revisions and changes.

The research was carried out on young people aged between 18 - 25, from September to October, 2006, using an SPSS software analysis program; taking into account education, social background, religious activity, political involvement, age, gender.. etc.

The research results were gathered, organized, and printed in an English - Arabic booklet.

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Some of the subsequent recommendations were: