JAI hosts 2-days program for 12 staff of Danish TV2 educational tour to the Holy Land

Category: Advocacy Visits with JAI Created: 27 November 2016

Rasmus Nov2016On the 23rd and 26th of November 2016, the JAI organized visits and guided tours to 12 staff of Danish TV2 educational tour to Palestine and Israel.

On the 23rd of November, the JAI guided the delegation into visiting the wall in its electrified fence and concrete formats in Beit Sahour and Bethlehem, and explained about it and its impact, settlements expansion, land confiscations, and also the settlers bypass road in Beit Jala. This was followed by a visit to one of the JAI' Olive Tree Campaign farmers Ahmad Barghouth (Abu Nidal) in Al-Waja village west of the Bethlehem area , whose field is under high threat of confiscation due to the Israeli construction of Apartheid wall and bypass road on part of his land. The Israeli army has in the past few years uprooted tens of Abu Nidal' old olive trees while the campaign sported him with hundreds sponsored others. He talked to them and they asked him various questions about his cause, and visited his threatened field.

After a visit to the Church of Nativity and lunch in the old city of Bethlehem, the JAI guided the delegation into Hebron for downtown and old city tour and showed and explained to them about settlements, divisions and closures inside the old city.

On the 26th of November, the JAI guided the delegation into visiting Saint (Mar) Saba Monastery, east of Bethlehem, where briefing was given about it, and the delegation visited around and inside the monastery. Later a visit was arranged to the Shepherds High School in Beit Sahour, where they met the headmaster who briefed them about the school, education system, challenges faced and some other perspectives about life under occupation in Palestine. They visited some of the school' kindergartens, elementary and secondary classes, met and talked with some students and teachers.