JAI organized the Journey for Justice in Palestine with 24 participants

Category: Journey for Justice Created: 04 August 2019

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Fro the 27th of July to the 4th of August 2019, the JAI organized the youth Journey for Justice in Palestine, where 17 internationals from Denmark, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Argentina, Belgium and USA, as well as and 7 Palestinians, from the Bethlehem, Ramallah, Nablus and Jenin areas, have participated.

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jfj2019 t2Their 7-8 days program included guided tours and visits into various areas in Palestine including Bethlehem, Hebron, Jerusalem, Ramallah and Jericho, where they witnessed the various Israeli occupation measures including the wall, colonies (settlements), checkpoints, land and house confiscations, harrasmenets, and etc.

Participants were also introduced to the main issued related ot life under occupation, the conflict and international campaigns to counter it, including the JAI work and the Olive Tree Campaign, the ongoing displacement of Palestinians and refugees issue, the Kairos Palestine document and call, the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) Campaign, the YMCA Rehabilitation Program and YMCA in general, the YWCA of Jericho and YWCA in general, as well as popular resistance in Palestine.

jfj2019 t3Well interactions took place among international and Palestinian youth, where also further sessions we also organized for the internationals to chat with Palestinian student and youth groups in Bethlehem University and Aida Refugee Camp. The participants also helped a Palestinian farmer and his family at their threatened field in Wad Fukin village, west of the Bethlehem area.

jfj2019 t4An advocacy session was conducted at the end of the program, where thoughts and plans were discussed for the participants to share their experience, organize or get involved in activities and campaigns related to the Palestinian cause.